30 June 2011

He's a man from outer space and we're taking him to his spaceship.

But.. Can't he just beam up?

This is reality, Greg

lost in boston

back in may

Be my prom date, please. Thank you.

Whole Lotta Woman (Single) - The Contours | Cry to Me - Solomon Burke | You're No Good - Dee Dee Warwick | Twisting in the U.S.A. - The Shirelles | I'm Walkin - Fats Domino | Way Over There - The Miracles | The Monkey Time - Major Lance | Where Did Our Love Go? - The Supremes | Bye Bye Johnny- The Rolling Stones | Love Is Like a Heat Wave - Martha Reeve and the Vandellas

class act

As many might imagine, I am extremely into vintage jewelry: particularly rings. Boxes and boxes and boxes are in my apartment just packed to the brim with pieces-- some over a hundred years old. Some  have been passed down to me by family members (primarily my mom), and some I have found in my travels or on eBay.  It's pretty clear I have a problem... however, ultimately, it's every girl's dream: Step foot into my apartment, and your are in a real-life version of that childhood game Pretty Pretty Princess.

Lately I've been really into gold rings with stones... and filigree.  My mom gave me a few of hers years ago, and I can't stop wearing them. So I looked through the rest of my collection and realized I don't have many gold rings at all!  Therefore, a few weeks ago, another search began. 

This led me to rediscover the class ring. All of a sudden I have found myself regretful for not getting one myself...

Here are some finds:

Some more gold rings from my search:

25 June 2011

23 June 2011

happy 70th dad

last thursday marked my dad's 70th birthday.

we went to viet cafe, across the street from me

and everyone in my family contributed money 

to give him a trip to vietnam

one of my dad and mom's first dates

my dad cooked my mom vietnamese food

he learned from the women in the villages he was near during the war

my dad was a medic and helped the civilians when he was stationed there

so he created the whole menu at viet cafe

the chef made things that he wanted to make

it was lots of family and good friends, and warmth

everyone stood up and spoke

and the common theme was

my dad, he just well is different than most people

because he always, always, always

does the right thing, the honorable thing

even if it is a lose for him

he will do the right thing.

love you, dad

21 June 2011

"you can't take a picture of this, it's already gone"

the best show. just finished watching all seasons in their entirety this morning.

Nate tells Claire

"you can't take a picture of this, it's already gone"

yet Claire takes the picture anyway. 

the past:

(it's done, you can't change it or hit rewind)

accept it, and move.

 honor it in the present.

the desire to hold on to the past:

 accept this need

as part of our humanity.

then let it go.

never look back.

run to the future.
carpe diem.

noah and the whale - life is life

noah and the whale "life is life"
shot by autumn de wilde

20 June 2011


my niece caroline is two years old and had just woken up from a nap

thinking, thinking!

still half asleep?

just so interesting.... I wonder what she was thinking about?

the colors

19 June 2011