30 December 2011

new music: wolf larsen - maybe, baby

27 December 2011

Mix: Lost & Found: Volume 10

Lover Boy - The Blossoms
Blue With A Broken Heart - Ikettes
Love, Life, & The Pursuit of Happiness - Jay Telfer
I'm Taking Her Home - The Others
The Game of Love - Brenda Holloway
Think - The Five Royales
Can't Believe What You Say - Ike & Tina Turner
Rum & Coca-Cola - Golden Earrings
Mama, Can I Go Out Tonight - Jo Ann Campbell
If You're Saved - The Overcomers


25 December 2011

xmas xmas


Mix: December Beat

Everybody Loves A Lover - Doris Day
Fever - Elvis Presley
Not Responsible - Helen Shapiro
You-Ooh - Jo Ann Campbell
Stand By Me - The Searchers
You Better Move On - The Rollicks
Beatin' On the Bongos - Jimmy Daley & the Ding-A-Lings (feat. Molly Bee)
When You Hurt Me, I Cry - Helen Shapiro
Game of Love - Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders
Walking the Dog - The Rolling Stones

merry merry christmas

sophie "my girl" says merry christmas, woof woof

xox mf

21 December 2011

inspiration: black and white

mix: a paper soundtrack

I'm on Fire - Shakey Graves
LHerbe - Rodier-Gauthier
Goshen - Beirut
Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye
There's No Horizon - Damian & Co.
50's - House of Wolves
Oo Darlin' - Billy Donahue
That's What I Want - The Candlelight

17 December 2011

have yourself a merry little christmas

I've been watching Meet Me In St. Louis every holiday season since I was around five years old. The movie marked the introduction of the song "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" to the public, and since I first saw this movie as a child, this scene always stuck out to me as I grew. I put on the movie tonight...

Reminds me of that quote, "Change is inevitable, growth is intentional." And the importance and meaning of family.

It amazes me how quickly the holiday season approaches.

15 December 2011

Inspiration: vintage book covers

My walls, for the most part, are bare. Thus, I've lately been on a crazy search to find prints and other types of things that inspire me.

And so, I began my search with books. The past month I have posted some vintage book pages that have caught my eye... however, looking through antique book pages on various sites, I found myself at times more drawn to the cover art from the 1940's/1950's.

There have been a handful of artists and designers over the past several years that have drawn inspiration from cover art- designers like the extremely talented Olympia Le Tan who designs handmade needlepoint clutches in the shapes of books, and Rebekah Miles, the artist who re-paints her favorite cover art (and also used for the Rodarte's merchandise for the first Fashion's Night Out at Opening Ceremony in 2008) and makes them into her own book jackets.

Finding a cool way to re-frame book would be really interesting. I would feel heartless to tear apart a book just for its cover. A little glass showcase/curio with a wooden frame might be cool to create.

Here are some of my own finds:

13 December 2011

Mixtape: New Music from November

Friend Crush - Friends
50's - House of Wolves
Stuck On The Puzzle - Alex Turner
Steady Steady - North Highlands
Key Sparrow - Peaking Lights
Park Slow (I'm Sorry) - ABADABAD
I'm Gonna Try - Shimmering Stars
Thirteen Thirtyfive - Dillon

10 December 2011

new music: so dead by tearjerker


01 December 2011

press this

New Music: Mr. Gnome - Madness in Miniature

I'm really liking this new album...

30 November 2011

mix: music box

Ballerina - Vigrass & Osborne | Punch and Judy Girl - Susie Klee | If You Are There With Me - John Bromley | All Around My Grandmother Floor - Nadia Cattouse | Toy Shop - The Trolley | And I Have Learned To Dream - Dave Berry | Prelude in E Minor - Les Baxter | Fairyland - Pop Workshop | Trust - The Peppermint Trolley Co. | Swan Lake - The Cats | Imagine the Swan - The Zombies

Anything Goes: New Broadway Revival

I have been dying to see this revival of Anything Goes featuring Sutton Foster and Joel Grey!

This Sunday I went with my Mom and Great Aunt.

There's nothing like Cole Porter on a Sunday.

25 November 2011

mix: the coconut shy

1. Blue Room - Chet Baker
2. Hiding Tonight - Alex Turner
3. This Little Bird - Marianne Faithfull
4. Mano a Mano - Carlos Gardel
5. You and Me - Penny & the Quarters
6. Golden Lights - Twinkle
7. Chopin Prelude in E Minor - Les Baxter
8. Golden Slumbers - The Beatles
9. I'll Try Anything Once - The Strokes
10. Me and You - She & Him
11. Sad Memory - Buffalo Springfield
12. Love Is Won - Lia Ices

24 November 2011

happy thanksgiving to all!

22 November 2011

Fleet Foxes - The Shrine / An Argument

This new Fleet Foxes music video is pretty visually impressive. Though its songs come from the album Helplessness Blues (released back in May), the video, which was made public yesterday, was supposedly an eight year project.

inspiration: vintage book plates #2


20 November 2011

Mix: Lost & Found: Volume 4

Shadows and Reflections [ The Action ] 
As Tears Go By [ Marianne Faithfull ]
Steady Cha Cha Cha [ Frank Pizani ]
Ready For A Change [ The Starr Sisters ]
She's Got Everything [ The Essex ]
If You Want This Love [ Sonny Knight ]
Vacation In The Mountains [ Herbie Cox ]
I'd Do Anything [ The Essex ]

inspiration board #4

19 November 2011

new music: tashaki miyaki - get it right

a few months ago, i posted about tashaki miyaki's awesome cover of the everly brother's "all i have to do is dream." this week, she released a video from her first self-titled EP, for the track "get it right." it's beautifully shot in black and white with an unmistakable dream-like quality: of horses, prominent clouds, shadows, and solo journeys along snow covered mountain tops.

You can buy the new EP here.

14 November 2011

Mix: Lost & Found: Part III

1. If I Stay Too Long - The Creation
2. Some People - John English III and the Heathers
3. Don't Mince Matter - The Flippers
4. Someone to Love - The Beau Brummels
5. Sinister Purpose - Dinosaurs
6. Without You - The Kavemen
7. I Feel The Same - The Kavemen
8. I Need You Near - John Enlish II and the Heathers

13 November 2011

MF SS12: The Heart | MF Core SS12


the SS12 explores themes of cardiology and love


the heart can be full of love, or ache from being broken. 
swelling is a direct result of either things.
this ring is also inspired by the body.

(caged and stacking)

electrocardiograms will reveal flat lines when your significant other is not around.


a reminder that your significant other, though not around, still fills your heart.


when the heart skips a beat on the EKG, expect a blip

(shown stacked)

the heart beats fast when you see that person


the heart beats constantly
and now we are forever married


will you marry me?


the heart, as it skips a beat




layers and layers and layers as we grow


layers and layers and layers as we grow

the axon is the part of the neuron that expedites the transportation of the neurotransmitter

the axon is the part of the neuron that expedites the transportation of the neurotransmitter

sealed with a kiss


                    THE SKY

                         LAYERED BOLT PENDANT

10 November 2011


Gotta Get Away - Rolling Stones | Lonely Weekend - Barry and the Remains | Suddenly You Love Me - The Tremeloes | It's Over - The Troggs | Jack & Jane - Velvet Underground | Soul-Searchin - The Litter | We're Through - The Hollies | Road Runner - The Modern Lovers | You Can't Catch Me - Rolling Stones | Running Through My Nightmares - The Chesterfield Kings