29 August 2007

fall into fall into

Fall is approaching so quickly. It was only last week that New York City hit some of the lowest temperatures for August. While many might be weeping and wailing that it all is over, I can't help but be so extremely excited. Summer is fun, yes.... however, Autumn has always been one of those seasons that brings to my mind only the most warm and comforting memories from all ages. It reminds me of You've Got Mail-- or any of the classic New York City movies (think Annie Hall, Manhattan). Not to mention the crisp air, trips to the farmers market, wearing a thick sweaters (but no jackets), jumpers with turtlenecks, tights....the smell of apple cider, apple picking, pumpkins. Chai tea, drinking a hot coffee in the park. Trick-or-treating. Something about fall is just so incredibly warming.

Some of my favorite items for fall....

1. Tazo Chai Tea - Brew, add sugar or sweetener, 1/4 cup of milk, and then microwave again. The best chai tea....

2. Acne Collection

3. Tights - Try my personal favorite- Wolford's Winter Soft Logic, or anything by Fogal (love the black "brilliance" style, the "onda,") or Falke... oh and American Apparel.

4. Apple Picking - Some locations near New York City:

5. The Hamptons/The Beach - Growing up, I spent many, many falls out east at our old house in Southampton. A nice road trip is always- at least one Sunday in the fall- a must. The beach is also the best to explore in the fall...

6. Fall Music - Madeline Peyroux, Joni Mitchell, Sufjan Stevens, Camera Obscura, Belle and Sebastian, Coldplay, Beach House...

Look out for....

1. Heimstone - Relatively new designer from France. Great dresses, jackets, and belts for fall.

2. Elizabeth and James - The newest addition to the Olsen empire. And, as usual: fantastic. I already pre-ordered the Bonfire Shirt.

From the American Apparel "collection" (represent), try:

1. The "Solid Rib Oversized Pocket Cardigan" - Extremely comfy with tights - and soon to come in a wider assortment of colors.

2. The "Solid Rib Vest"

3. The "Vinyl Duffle Bag"

4. The unisex "Flex Fleece V-neck"

5. "Cotton Spandex Jersey High Waisted Pants"

More to come on chaos and daily life ponderings...