30 September 2010

26 September 2010


After finding my silver charm bracelet from when I was a child just a few weeks ago, I have been so enamored with charms... I've been finding new ones, searching high and low for these cute little interesting objects-- just to add to my collection.

Of course, there are so many places to search for these!! I'm particularly drawn to those that are 3-d and have hinges. 

Thought I'd share some of my favorites I've stumbled upon so far:

movie camera charm (it opens!)

jonah the whale!


sphnix with a mummy inside!!!!


ferris wheel


I live in Tribeca.

I run nearly every morning. Sometimes, I run on the West Side Highway and sometimes downtown on the path next to the river through Battery Park.

This morning on my morning run I ran into the Tunnel to Towers run in Battery Park.

It affected me greatly.

Without a thought, I just joined them. My body just knew.  

I ran the last half.

You can't imagine the support from all over New York and New Jersey-- firefighters, schools, police, families, those who were there that day-- to honor Stephen Siller.

How easy it is to forget, to put it in the back of your mind.

So, again--

I live in Tribeca. 

I live 5 blocks from the site.

After the run,

I walked through the crowd, just stood there, stared at it, and cried. 

World-- why?

that's it, it's split it won't recover
just frame their halves and call them brothers
find their fathers and their mothers
if you remember who they are
over and over they call us their friends
can't we find something else to pretend?
like nobody won and we're safe at the end
in the darkness the film machine's spinning so let's leave it on
we'll be out in the street before anyone knows that we're gone
that's it, it's split - it can't recover
just frame their halves and call them a whole
and chip at the bricks and fill up your pockets
with the pieces of the wall that you stole
the hunt is on, everyone's chasing
everyone's chasing a shot
a shot rings out, nobody wants it
nobody wants it to stop
that's it, it's split - it won't recover
just frame their halves and call them brothers
find your fathers and your mothers
if you remember who they are
if you remember,
if you remember,
if you remember who they are
-j.d and r.s.

23 September 2010

fran healy - buttercup

And here is a music video I had a chance to be a part of with my friend Fran Healy of Travis! He has been writing his own music for years, and recently has gone on tour to promote his upcoming album. Eug and I had so much fun doing this :)

22 September 2010


through the looking glass

Growing up, I spent half my time in our Southampton home and the rest on the north shore of Long Island.

So many memories I have there-- in that Southampton home (and Southampton before it became so crazy in the summers and developed as it is now)-- and particularly with with my sister and cousins. Without cable (i.e. no nickelodeon or disney channel...) and no real VHS VCR, we resorted to the Beta tapes my grandfather had in this wooden cabinet the shape of an octagon. Throughout the years, he had taped his favorite movies off the television. 

Three of these movies were for us children: a made for tv version of alice in wonderland, ewoks: battle for endor, and disney's bedknobs and broomsticks.

In the Ewoks movie, Terak was terrifying. In fact, there is a ton in that movie that was and still is simply terrifying for a five year old to watch...

I just could never get enough of that version of Alice. Back then it was so magical. 

The below scene from Alice in Wonderland had the strong impact on me by far. I don't know why. The jabberwocky seemed so scary then...

20 September 2010

Rodarte SS2011

I have the heart, but if I only had the time, I would write more instead of re-posting these pictures and expressing my undying love for Rodarte. 

I don't think words can express my love for Rodarte-- for from the the way each garment drapes on the body, to the story each piece must tell... it just gets your heart. Each collection is it's own universe, and within this universe there are lots of worlds-- each piece is its own world. I don't know. I don't know what I am saying. It's just... as someone interested in design and art-- and the process behind it-- the way Laura and Kate see the word, take it in, realize it, internalize it, and then eject it into the form of a garment is just really really special. It's really rare.

This season was so different from prior seasons, so startling.  Not to mention, so different from other shows this fashion week, and as always, so incredibly breathtakingly beautiful. 





ode to the sea by elizabeth perrin

"Ode to the Sea" from elizabeth perrin on Vimeo.
A mythical love story between a young woman and the sea.

eugenie styled this little video directed and shot by her cousin elizabeth perrin. they used my jewelry, so it excited me when I finally received the e-mail that it was completed today.

you also might recall these shots they took a little while back :)

19 September 2010

peter pilotto ss11



In terms of color and print, this collection could be seen by Peter Pilotto enthusiasts as tame compared seasons prior-- for the way the duo chose to integrate their renown prints into their garments seemed to be more carefully considered.  This consideration-- this new integration of the print-- in my eyes, made this collection so strong.  The cuts- which were impressive, progressive, and bold- came brought to life in a new way. One of my favorites for SS11 thus far.

18 September 2010

before I post about NYFW, I must...

express my 
for Charles Anastase


17 September 2010

the problem

more fashion week

peter jensen:

graeme armour:

kate's back!


yeah yeah yeahs at don hills


jeremy scott: