31 August 2011

lanvin fw11 promo video

loving the end.

hot moves, alber elbas!

29 August 2011

making messes


  in my childhood chest

by my sister katie, 1987

25 August 2011

new music

1. Is It True? (Brenda Lee Cover) - Summer Camp
2. When I Awake - Die Jungen
3. Manners - Icona Pop
4. Up Up Up - Givers
5. I've Been Glad - Die Jungen
6. Dick & Jane - Sidney York
7. God Only Knows (Beach Boys Cover) - Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. 
8. The Age of Attraction - Tropical Popsicle
9. Spirit Flows - Triptide
10. The Show - Lenka
11. Party Tape - Young Girls
12. Hands in Mexico - White Laces
13. Riff Raff - Jungle Bodies

New Music - Die Jungen


23 August 2011

quake 2011

Okay so I know that everyone is poking fun at this earthquake situation.

But being on the 26th floor
I hope NOBODY ever experiences an earthquake on the 26th floor.
I felt the tremor and then began to feel my entire building physically sway for a good minute and a half.
And the first thing I thought about was ten years ago.

and I am GLAD that everyone is safe and nothing terrible happened.

I stayed downstairs, outside sitting on a bench using free wireless for the rest of the day, and reading. 

So I heard a lot of people's reactions. And yes, I can't help but find a lot of them really really funny.

I'll leave you with this:

Kid, walking down Greenwich Street with his mom. Blonde. Glasses. Skinny. About six. Funny kid.

He said, matter-of-factly, to his mom:

"There was just an earthquake."


"There was just an earthquake."

(pause again)

 "And I cried my face off."

funny stuff.

22 August 2011

regina chan

Thank you for making me laugh out loud at 8am.

21 August 2011

best of covers part 5


under the boardwalk - the rolling stones
originally by the drifters


stay - the hollies 
originally by maurice williams


i should have known better - the beach boys
originally by the beatles


ain't too proud to beg - the rolling stones
originally by the temptations


piece of my heart - dusty springfield
originally by janis joplin


bring it on home to me - the animals
originally by sam cooke


you've really got a hold on me - the zombies
originally by the miracles


get out of my life woman - lee dorsey
originally by allen toussaint

19 August 2011




1. Hey Girl - Small Faces
2. Run Run Run - The Who
3. Here 'Tis - The High Numbers
4. Come On - Chuck Berry & Martha Berry
5. You Can't Catch Me - The Rolling Stones
6. Bama Lama Bama Loo - Little Richard
7. I Feel So Bad - Elvis Presley
8. Hey Little Girl - Dee Clark

17 August 2011

09 August 2011


my mom's beatles scrapbook

08 August 2011

kieth haring x nicholas kirkwood

cara-lin - the strangeloves 
run through the jungle - creedence clearwater revival 
wild thing - the troggs 
la de dah i love you - inez & charlie foxx 
the urge - freddy cannon 
wild! - dee dee sharp
 ohh-poo-pah-doo - jesse hill 
shout bambala- otis redding

04 August 2011

When in doubt, there's always Dad

Over Vietnamese food:

Happiness is a choice.

Happiness is a result.  Happiness is a result of the choices you make. It's not a choice. Choose your moments.

Over e-mail:

I disagree, Dad. You cannot choose your moments- you have to let the moments choose you. If there is a choice involved, it is about choosing your heart over your mind.