31 May 2010

i'm going to LAAAA


chris drees was born december 24
jesus was born december 25

bye bye bye

the arrival of sam, eating despana (why so good?)



nikki and caitlin

29 May 2010

28 May 2010

"I said, if you go out tonight you're pushing the issue of looking more tired."

inspiration and days

really really awesome dylanfest

albino snake



26 May 2010

cavalier rose

libassi I'm so proud of you tonight!

download the LP HERE and listen to
Kiss Me in Closets

it's 100 degrees in nyc

so it was an ehh morning
freaking hot outside
and i'm on the subway sitting next to this dude

ended up running into ali at one lucky duck
which was really wonderful
what was supposed to be a quick salad
turned into an hour long really comforting conversation

then off to brinkley's to visit nichole
which is always a pleasure

and off to see libassi's band cavelier rose at mercury lounge with eug tonight....

the new dead trees album is going to be awesome... you have no idea. 

24 May 2010

dear dead trees

help them finish their album here

23 May 2010

inspiration from sculpture, kate macdowell






artist information: http://www.katemacdowell.com/

22 May 2010


style.com shoutout HERE

last year we brought home the best jersey award!!!

come watch us kick major butt


21 May 2010

past few days



shea and reg

petey (23)

lemonade from one lucky duck...

shake shack on a thursday

20 May 2010

Paulie can paint

in this city, I swear, everyone has an art... it's overwhelming

last night was spent talking to one of the warmest people, possibly ever (Paulie) about life and art and pain-- you know, the usual

and I learned that Paulie paints

so he showed me some of his work

for example:


i'll keep posting more, stay tuned

saw the rest of it, I think he should do a show

19 May 2010

buy this album

yeah, it's kind of amazing and makes me really excited...
we've played it nonstop at work.

listen two two tracks and a few other current favorites:


18 May 2010

"something else"

 rick moranis, new york times, may 14 2010


thanks for tweeting rachel :)

le apartment

it has been nearly a year since I have moved into 26a
and though my walls are bare (but painted)
the few rooms are full of things that make me feel warm inside
if you know me, you'll know that i'm very particular when it comes to style and design

I am very grateful and thankful to have my home, and I love it very very much...
but living alone is excruciating at times...

the past few days have been spent cleaning out my closets
...which has been beyond frustrating
for they are still jam packed full.
i've given away more than a few bags of things to friends
but you'd never know... seriously
my attempt at spring cleaning, I suppose



coats and sweaters


tv, n64, and shoes

lack of room for shoes... which led to a jane aldridge inspired solution:


things everywhere

closets still very very full...