23 September 2011

an upper west side autumn

Smile - Madeline Peyroux |  Someone to Watch Over Me - Blossom Dearie |  Embraceable You - Sarah Vaughan & Clifford Brown |  Fine and Mellow - Etta Jones | (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons - Nat "King" Cole | I Get A Kick Out of You - Frank Sinatra | In The Mood - Andrews Sisters | This Can't Be Love - Natalie Cole

22 September 2011

this is amazing

the  muppets try out for yoda in star wars

16 September 2011

leaves are faling

Last night and today both feel so much like fall... So chilly!

I made this mix in 2009.

1. Sound of Silence - Simon & Garfunkel 
2. I'm Looking Through You - The Beatles 
3. Morning Has Broken - Cat Stevens 
4. Pretty Things - Rufus Wainwright 
5. So Far Away - Carol King 
6. Save Me - Aimee Mann 
7. The Dress Looks Nice On You - Sufjan Stevens 
8. Conversation - Joni Mitchell 
9. Turn, Turn, Turn - The Byrds 
10. She's A Rainbow - The Rolling Stones 
11. The Fairest of Seasons - Nico 
12. Sitting - Cat Stevens 
13. She's Always A Woman - Billy Joel 
14. Oh Well, Okay - Elliott Smith 
15. Carbon Monoxide - Regina Spektor

14 September 2011

love you dad

one of my most favorite scenes from a movie possibly ever

yours, j.d. salinger

10 September 2011

Oyster Bay Fish and Clam: How Dad and I Rung in Irene

We thought it would be the last of the Oyster Bay Fish and Clam, a little gem of a bar/restaurant, but thankfully, it was spared!

My dad took me the Saturday afternoon right before Irene hit, as I had never been and Oyster Bay was deemed to be a disaster zone. So we rung in the storm over clams, oysters, and beer. 

09 September 2011

Rachel Antonoff SS12

Yesterday, on the 13th floor of the Ramscale lofts, I was transported into another magical world of Rachel Antonoff's creation.

She called it Antonoff Manor, which translated into a beautifully illustrated (using only black and white) house of Rachel's dream, constructed into an actual set. The house, which was Wednesday Adams style, housed models dressed in Rachel's girly garments, some providing the only color to the "scene."

The collection was by far one of my favorites she has done! 

02 September 2011

hooded fang - hooded fang

01 September 2011

"learn more, not earn more"

Julianna Margulies' commencement speech to Sarah Lawrence Class of 2010

While the overall message of the passage of this speech one might not be able to identify with directly (who after all, makes that kind of money these days?), I can't help but hear her words and find them somewhat resonant.

Everyone wants to know their mission.

I've made my own choices-- have followed my heart-- against the grain only to be mocked, hurt...   I think (and hope) that everyone has done this at some point in their lives. I have turned to my dad so many times. "Dad, what should I do?" And only to hear sound advice.  "When is enough, enough?"

 And while I am not one to be religious, this past month I have turned to churches, meeting houses, temples. I think I've been to nearly every church and cathedral in the borough of Manhattan.

"I realized my mission in life was to learn more, not earn more."

At the end of the day, at some point in time, we should look back and see evidence of value, and that value is not monetary, nor is it fame. Both are empty. I am blessed to have the things I have, and the experiences I have had. But the lessons I have learned this past year have been tremendous, decisions at times torrential, however looking back, they all have meaning.

Perhaps most importantly, I have learned that despite heartbreak, you can't stop your heart. But it is this that makes us human.

I would much prefer a life of lessons leading to happiness and love than all the money or nice things or fame in the world. A family.