28 January 2013

One on One: Kacie Marie

Having always had an affinity for oldies music,  discovering a great modern cover of one of my favorite songs from the 50's or 60's is always an excitement! A few months ago, bed ridden and bored with a neck injury, I conducted a search in Soundcloud for one of my favorite 60's girl groups,  "The Ronettes."  While the first page of results proved to be a series of interesting covers of Be My Baby, one of the results, Silhouettes, caught my eye. A rare song, indeed!  You see,  while the track appeared on one of the The Ronettes' first records, it was in fact a song the girls (and quite a few bands of the time) covered themselves- the original recording artist being The Rays. A song choice like that, I knew I had fund something good!

And so, I discovered a musician by the name of Kacie Marie. Upon a single click and listen, I loved the entire track:  the musical arrangement of layered voices which seemed to echo over beachy retro instrumentals. It proved to me to be a brilliant modern take on an old classic.

I followed Kacie ever since, and used her newest track-- a cover of Elvis' Cant Help Falling In Love-- in my recent lookbook video for AW13.  I just knew I had to hear more about her process and music!


What is your earliest musical memory?

My earliest music memory that seems to stick out would have to be me riding in my dads 1946 Ford Coupe headed to a car show. I remember passing by the other cars and wondering what they were listening to, and hoping they were feeling the same nostalgia that I was. Although it wasn't necessarily nostalgia at that time, I guess it was... happiness.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

The first professional girl baseball player or a country singer. Whichever happened first

Has music always been a part of your life?

Most definitely. Growing up, my pop-pop and his cousins would play bluegrass and old country music at every picnic and gathering.... My pop pop was a hell of a harmonica, accordion, and guitar player. Boy do I miss him and those kind of days. I also grew up with a father that would never allow us to change the radio station from oldies music. "No if's and's or but's," he would tell us.

When did you start writing and/or covering music?

I started writing music when I was very small. The first song I wrote, I remember singing to my bus driver one afternoon in elementary school! As for cover songs, I started covering music as a tradition for my parents on Christmas. It's a known fact in my family that I am quite shy about singing in front of them and would NEVER allow them to come to any of my shows!  So one year for Christmas I made a five track album covering Christmas like “Blue Christmas” and “Oh Holy Night.” It was truly the first time my parents had ever heard me sing. Floored by the excitement of possessing this album, it became an annual tradition that I pick and cover a song for them. I have only covered oldies songs since that first Christmas album, and particularly ones that both my parents love-- songs like “Silhouettes” by the Ronettes, “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding, and “Dream Lover” by Bobby Darin.

How do you go about choosing songs to cover? Does each song hold a certain significance?

When choosing a song for my parents, as I stated above, I like to pick oldie songs that I know they will definitely know and love and strike them with familiarity and warm thoughts. When I choose to cover a song just for myself, I like to pick more rare songs from the 50's-- ones that are lesser known. I have a lot of these sorts of songs on vinyl, and have fallen in love with so many. Songs that have a lot of soul and a little hurt in them. One tune I recorded was Patsy Cline's “Stop the World and Let Me Off.” God Damn, do I love me some Patsy.

What instruments can you play?

 I mainly sing and play guitar! But I tend to tinker and record on lot of instruments such as the piano, harmonica, washboard, and drums. 

Your favorite song to cover and why:

I cannot choose! Don't make me choose! Probably with a live performance, I really love playing the guitar and singing "Fine and Mellow" by Billie Holiday.  I have listened, lusted, and loved Billie's music for hours on my record player, and with the utmost decadent appreciation. I think it's a challenge to sing one of Billie Holidays songs live, mainly because of her symbolism and all she embodies in regards to the blues... past, and present. If one is going to sing Billie, they better know the song,  know it well, respect it, and hit every god damn note. It's scary, almost.  I like that challenge.

I used your cover of Elvis' Fools Rush In for my lookbook video. Can you talk a little about your process covering this song?

Certainly! This recording was very special to me as it was the first time I had ever played music with my brother. Him being the oldest and myself the youngest, we never really had the opportunity to collaborate. Recently, when we realized our parents 35th anniversary was approaching, we decided to duel up for a song. He laid down the guitar, myself the lyrics, and we had a little surprise gift for our parents. It was a project that he and I will cherish forever. You see, my dad is the biggest Elvis fan!  I've seen all the Elvis movies and have a ton of weird Elvis trinkets- my favorite being a porcelain Elvis figurine filled with whiskey. Sadly, you had to rip off his head to get to the whiskey...

What inspires you?

Old fashioned music, trains, loneliness, hot rods, hank Williams, the blues, and whiskey.

Looking at your website, you are involved with art forms of all kinds-- a woman of many talents! What kinds of art do you create?

At the moment I am mainly concentrating on music, particularly writing and recording original songs. I am currently finishing an EP, and am planning to record a full album soon after! My other focus is film. I recently finished a short film that is currently (and excitingly!) in the film festival circuit, which I wrote, directed, and acted in.   I have also been co-writing a feature length screenplay.  Other than the excitements surrounding cinema, I will always be a photographer at heart: I like using old hair styles, makeup, and styling, while capturing womens true sensuality and provocation in my lens.

Eight songs you couldn't live without:

Rumble- Link Ray
All I could do was cry- Etta James
She's got you- Patsy Cline
Remember (Walkin' in The Sand)- Shangri-las
Stay- Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs
These Arms of Mine- Otis Redding
Bad Boy- The Jive Bombers
I'll be seeing you- Billie Holiday
Hank Williams- Ramblin Man
(plus a few more-- just listen!)

Favorite films?

Cry Baby, Cinderella, A Bronx Tale

The best scene from a movie:

in The Sandlot when it's the 4th of July and everyone runs to the Sandlot to play a game lit by the fireworks. Sends shivers down my spine.

Favorite spots in NY

Prospect Park, Red Lotus Room, Idle Hands, Lucky Dog, The McKittrick Hotel

Three words to live by

bravery, passion, creativity

21 January 2013

what I see

1. petals, by: meghan farrell
2. you're my only hope, photographer unknown
 3. I didn't know you had braces! from the goonies
 4. a peaceful slumber, la belle et la bete

18 January 2013

17 January 2013

AW13 Lookbook Shoot: Behind the Scenes

This past Monday, I hobbled into this lookbook shoot for my AW13 Collection.

The thoughts:
romance never dies
white lace
every shakespeare heroine
life and love
strength and innocence


model: lindsey hoover
photographer: dan mcmahon
stylist: eugenie dalland
makeup: anoli
hair: tiffany patton
music: kacie marie