25 October 2012

the many new tunes of october 2012

maybe i've been neglecting my listening time, but boy oh boy!!

loving this month for music. 

would that not be nice - divine fits
hold me (fleetwood mac cover) - haim
weekends - tiger waves
ghosts behind - phone tag
jack - u.s. girls
on a streak - basement batman
black & white mountains - snowblink
funny heartbeat - kisses
what you wanted - seapony
falling up - new animal
Wings - HAERTS
Never Tear Us Apart (INXS Cover) - Tashaki Miyaki
Guiding Light (Television Cover) - Tennis
Collectors - Springtime Carnivore
Hibiscus Boulevard - CONTINENTS
Best Friend - Tashaki Miyaki
Surrender - Tea Leigh and Luke Reed
Black and Blue - Kitten Berry Crunch


On an On - GHOSTS
True Romance - Citizens!
Nunca - Trails and Ways
No Secrets - WALL
Well Traveled Is Protest - The Lilys
Modern Love (David Bowie Cover) - House of Wolves
Silhouette (Ronettes Cover) - Kacie Marie
Keep My Cool - Aluka
Not Evident - The Narcoleptic Dancers

New Music: Springtime Carnivore - Collectors

11 October 2012

Mix: 60's Garage Songs You Haven't Heard

some other drum - the music machine
the sun - the pretty things
catch the wind - nick taylor
lovely days - danny kirwan
little piece of heaven - twinkle
little dreams - new wave
monday, monday - marianne faithfull
fading yellow - mike batt

06 October 2012

New Music: Snowblink

Loving this new band and video.

Their cover of "Blue Moon" -