30 May 2011


I spent the day in the park with Jaime and Bella.

26 May 2011


st. barths sunset



oliver peoples, vintage, balenciaga, miu miu, vintage cuff

25 May 2011


Here Today - The Beach Boys | Look Out Here Come's Tomorrow - The Monkeys | Here Comes My Baby - The Tremelores | You Don't Know Like I Know by Sam & Dave | Ooh! My Head by Ritchie Vallens | I've Told Every Little Star - Kathy Scott | Soothe Me - Sam Cooke | Born Under A Bad Sign - Booker T. and the MG's | Ohio - The Black Keys | Sick and Tired - Fats Domino | Pump It Up- Elvis Costello

24 May 2011

my sister's a nurse now

my baby sister graduated college this weekend,
she's a nurse now!

I love you Chrissy girl

23 May 2011

18 May 2011

Battle of the Texts: Danny vs. MF

9:06: MF to Ace

9:12pm: Danny to MF

9:19: MF to Danny

Danny to MF: 9:42 PM

Location:Lovely Day

17 May 2011

tabitha simmons

I  have been following Tabitha Simmons for a little while now, as for each summer season, two or three styles really do strike me as being really interesting.  I particularly like her fabric-based shoes, her leather woven shoes, and her use of mixing prints. The silhouettes are super girly-- a more refined classic than the rougher shoes I normally gravitate towards.

16 May 2011

regina chan

oxytocin is the love horomone

pretty rad tattoo, no?
maybe wrapped around a finger or something


I slept a whole lot

dad texts

 sarabeth's is coming to tribeca

this epic t-shirt was finally created

 more texts from dad

miu miu and southampton

 dad e-mail


 daniel rex mcginley iii

jack walls

sydney came into the world, the newest gherardi addition!

 computer magic

time with grace and the matas

13 May 2011


So I've decided that this is too hard to let go- This thing I've created here.

So I'm going to keep it minimal, the bare bones.

Consider this Chapter II.