18 November 2009

years, and years, and years gained

November 12th 2009 was my little sister's twenty first birthday. It is so remarkable how quickly time goes by; for I feel that only yesterday she was but eight years old, with two blonde pigtails and hyper hyper hyper. My parents and I took a drive from New York all the way to Boston, where we spent the weekend with the now legal C.F..

Any sort of movement is good, and change was necessary for me last week. To get away from the city was a long fresh breath, a well-needed step back...

If it is one thing I realized, it is that little has changed over the past ten, even twenty years when it comes to the way I see things from the inside out. Meaning: Do we ever truly feel like we have grown up?

Part of me thinks that the things we gain in knowledge leads to maturity-- and maturity is nothing but, as the years go by, layers which shield our innocent internal, so very alive child from the harsh and cold world.

On another front, we of course spent an hour or so shopping, where I found a few goodies for bargained prices (naturally):
 ann demeulemeester


unknown japanese brand

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