18 November 2009

november's favorite things

the family jewels- 130 w 23rd street, nyc ny, 10011 - When I'm up in the chelsea area, I always make a point to sift through the extensive collection of vintage at The Family Jewels. You'll find some designer, but it's mostly pretty unique and fun pieces from the late 50's through early 80's which I love to incorporate into my wardrobe. Definitely worth the trip above 14th street.
2. Brahms - I have always been partial to Brahms' Intermezzo in A Op 118 No. 2, and perhaps to love it as much as I do is a bit cliche for those who are fans of Brahms. I don't care much about that. There is just something about the song's progression, movements, and chords that resonates in me. It reminds me of age, about the passing of time, about the changing of seasons. I've taken the time to try to learn it... and have been able to learn the first movement, somewhat successfully, at least. The thing is, I could listen to his intermezzos all day... and I do whenever I have the chance.

3. Mackenzie Childs - Building and decorating a home for myself has meant searching high and low for "the perfect" and "most fitting" items to decorate with, and the most appropriate pictures to be inspired by.  Being that my home while growing up was filled with Mackenzie Childs items, I tried to steer clear of this sort of look. I guess you could say that I couldn't help myself.  It's your farmhouse decor gone crazy, and I love it! Where else can you get a taffeta, grosgrain, and satin striped tuffet with multicolor tassels?

4. Sea of Shoes - I only wish the best for this one. Jane Aldridge certainly has a sure grasp on her personal style. This, combined with impeccable taste (particularly when it comes to her choice of shoes) and a cool photographic presentation makes a powerhouse of a blog.  I love looking at her posts, and I am always intrigued to watch the steps she takes in the fashion industry.

5. Whole Foods' Mom's Chicken Soup!

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