31 December 2009

this was my 2009

I fought really hard.

my niece caroline came into the world

I fell in love with st. barths again

more below

and I realized that my sister and I may be different and far from each other but we're still sisters

and I thought to myself alone, a lot...

I continued to love the city

... and Caroline grew

and I spent a lot of time on this swing thinking to myself

and came home when the sun came up

....and so I loved the city some more

and then there were these people
all over, though the city-- these people emerged who loved me for me and I loved them for them
and they became my family.
and there were landmarks and memories and silliness
and we fought and apologized and cried and laughed
and played dress up and had adventures.... and defied all the odds

and I created things... these things that came from my heart...

and I realized that it is the people in your life that mean the most.

I am so lucky.

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