16 June 2011

a trip to visit michael angel - resort 2012

So this is a new kind of post-- the first one I have ever done of it's kind, I suppose! I felt it was a solid collection and cool experience to write about and share in a more formal way :)

Yesterday was jam packed-- running all around town!  My last stop of the day was a very anticipated treat!  I took a little field trip to Michael Angel's showroom to view his Resort 2012 collection, which I had been invited to see in person.

 I stumbled upon Michael Angel's line about two years back by chance, and was immediately struck by his bold cuts and original beautifully rendered photo based prints.  I continued to follow the development of the collection over these past two years... and every season have been consistently refreshed by the execution and presentation of his visions... Not to mention, his progressive thinking in his use of materials! When I viewed the Spring/Summer 2011 collection, his semi sheer white latex (yes, it's latex) t-shirt, parka, and trench coat caught my eye. Was it possible? It was.  In my eyes, and to so many in the fashion world, it was pretty genius.

What you'll find in Michael's collection are more statement editorial garments in fabrics and cuts such as these, but also, extremely special (in prints, or twists on cuts) functional go-to items that any girl would covet and wear to death.  Each piece is very well thought out, well made from the seam to the hardware ... and most are items you could easily wear from day to night (or if you are a night owl like me night to day). And that's what I love about it!

This resort collection was so special... and even better to see in person! Michael and Carol explained to me that the prints this season were inspired by the idea of the Hawaiian shirt. A lover of the flower, Michael used the hibiscus this time, and rendered it in his usual a very close zoom, but in some cases with his other prints, the actual flower itself could be seen. Perhaps my favorite development of this print idea was his inclusion of a "madras" (or "grid" as he called it!) of all the different resort 2012 prints he created for the collection to make a print. Carol noted that this was also the first time linen was used (which I didn't snatch a picture of in time), and it was the first time I had seen a pair of really great well cut sweats!  

 Probably the best leather skirt I've ever tried on-- I really loved the accented pockets!

 The shoulders on this coat were super sharp-- and I was really loved its geometric boxy cut but sleek fit. The gold hardware he used was another favorite addition to this jacket... as was the printed silk inside (the hibiscus grid). 

This season Michael made another latex trench... but this time with printed fabric pockets on the inside

 Perhaps the best part was meeting Michael himself, who was so welcoming, energetic, and so passionate about what he was doing (which in that moment was creating his FALL 2012 COLLECTION?)!

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