23 June 2011

happy 70th dad

last thursday marked my dad's 70th birthday.

we went to viet cafe, across the street from me

and everyone in my family contributed money 

to give him a trip to vietnam

one of my dad and mom's first dates

my dad cooked my mom vietnamese food

he learned from the women in the villages he was near during the war

my dad was a medic and helped the civilians when he was stationed there

so he created the whole menu at viet cafe

the chef made things that he wanted to make

it was lots of family and good friends, and warmth

everyone stood up and spoke

and the common theme was

my dad, he just well is different than most people

because he always, always, always

does the right thing, the honorable thing

even if it is a lose for him

he will do the right thing.

love you, dad

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