30 June 2011

class act

As many might imagine, I am extremely into vintage jewelry: particularly rings. Boxes and boxes and boxes are in my apartment just packed to the brim with pieces-- some over a hundred years old. Some  have been passed down to me by family members (primarily my mom), and some I have found in my travels or on eBay.  It's pretty clear I have a problem... however, ultimately, it's every girl's dream: Step foot into my apartment, and your are in a real-life version of that childhood game Pretty Pretty Princess.

Lately I've been really into gold rings with stones... and filigree.  My mom gave me a few of hers years ago, and I can't stop wearing them. So I looked through the rest of my collection and realized I don't have many gold rings at all!  Therefore, a few weeks ago, another search began. 

This led me to rediscover the class ring. All of a sudden I have found myself regretful for not getting one myself...

Here are some finds:

Some more gold rings from my search:

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