16 June 2011

the lake

the antony and the johnsons version of this song is just so perfect for this poem
the melody is beautiful and sweet and comforting
and mixed with his voice
and the piano
just sounds like being alone with nature

I somehow ended up passing by the world trade center yesterday
it's almost done, that new building
lots of tourists

this song came on my shuffle,
and I don't know
despite the fact that the song is about a lake
it was resonant.
I just started to cry.
 it just hits me sometimes.
all of a sudden. 
the thought.
it will be 10 years in September.
my sister losing her shoes as she ran
running barefoot uptown as far as she could
finally able to cross a bridge, which she walked across
my cousin who lost her love

so I picked up a pen, am writing out a plot, and have begun writing a screenplay.

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