04 June 2011

new york city sunset

had never done this before....
the only substantial thing I did on thursday was watch the sunset over pier 25
took a bunch of pictures
but I realized in that in all my years in new york city,
I had never watched the sun actually set before
instead, I saw the proof of a sunset
as I looked upwards while I walked
or out of a window as I worked
the pink and the orange,
those pretty colors
proof that a sunset was there
proof it was happening
as I looked up
the buildings themselves acted a picture frame
as I looked out
the window frame was a frame too
for this picture I wished to see the fullness of
but rarely ever did

so I went to the pier

water is water
and water is running
and water is moving
and water is unpredictable
but water is constant
and the sound of water is the sound of water
there's nothing like it

as it sets,
the sun's reflection
on the water
 appears to be a moving path
widening as the sun moves downwards
and then suddenly
down behind a building in new jersey it goes
in one instant
in one split second
it's gone

the sky remains pink and the clouds
make the sky appear gradient
a spectrum of pinks and purples and oranges and yellows

and then,

and then,

the lights flicker on
the boys still play basketball
the runners keep running
and the pedestrians keep walking their dogs well past 10pm
and I jump the fence of the playground on the pier
to swing
just for a little

I walk
I always end up near the water.

the days have been warm and the city has been happy
to feel the buzz is freeing
but overwhelming
so many people
 so many interesting people
so little time
and you're only young once.

and to have the liberty to wander during these weeks
has been so rewarding, eye opening...

forehead relaxed
back without a single knot
I travel the city streets

but the water
I always end up near the water

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