20 September 2010

Rodarte SS2011

I have the heart, but if I only had the time, I would write more instead of re-posting these pictures and expressing my undying love for Rodarte. 

I don't think words can express my love for Rodarte-- for from the the way each garment drapes on the body, to the story each piece must tell... it just gets your heart. Each collection is it's own universe, and within this universe there are lots of worlds-- each piece is its own world. I don't know. I don't know what I am saying. It's just... as someone interested in design and art-- and the process behind it-- the way Laura and Kate see the word, take it in, realize it, internalize it, and then eject it into the form of a garment is just really really special. It's really rare.

This season was so different from prior seasons, so startling.  Not to mention, so different from other shows this fashion week, and as always, so incredibly breathtakingly beautiful. 





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