05 September 2010

hugo - 99 problemos

Last Monday, after a really hot and sticky day, Meytal took me to see her friend Hugo play Rockwood Music Hall.

First off, let me just say that I was really quite impressed with the space itself-- for I had never been before. Though small, the "stage" Hugo's show was in had a truly wonderful atmosphere and reminded me of a dual level, smaller version of Joe's pub. Littered with smaller tables (upon which each contained a tea light) packed with people, we grabbed beer and headed upstairs, quickly grabbing a stool to share. Prior to Hugo's performance, we were graced with jazzy and serene Norah-Jones like music from a local female performer-- quite comforting.

Hugo's set, which was the end of a 4 week residency at Rockwood, was upbeat, fun, and really great-- I'd describe it best as rock and roll with a really Southern feel. He describes his efforts, on his website, as "trying to make rock and roll in a hip hop world."

I was particularly excited with his cover of 99 Problems-- which I tried to video as much of as I could! Went home and youtubed his music video for it... quite cool!

London-born, and raised in Thailand, he seems to have certainly lived an interesting and inspiring life.
Turns out Hugo knows more than a few common friends of ours (for he haunts a bar the majority of my friends and I haunt as well)-- and ran into my friend Jason from HYMNS/the Candles, amongst other people. It was a fun night :)

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