12 September 2010

Rachel Antonoff SS11

After meeting clothing designer Rachel Antonoff for the first time last week through good friend Julia Frakes, I loved her immediately!  Talking with her for just ten minutes, I not only discovered that we shared several common longtime friends-- but it was apparent to me that she was just so alive in and passionate about her work. Rachel's eyes lit up as she showed me fabric swatches, samples, and explained the inspiration behind her Spring 2011 collection. Her enthusiasm and creativity made me super excited. I wanted everything! 

 After receiving an e-mail from Rachel about a month ago asking to use a few MF samples for this season's presentation, of course said yes! So on a beautiful Saturday morning and amidst this season's fashion week's utter insanity,  I walked from my neighborhood in Tribeca to a brownstone in the West Village, and was transported to a playful world as I watched her line come to life.

held together pendant

The name of the game was make-believe-- and the theme, a celebration of childhood and youth mixed with a distinct romanticism: Sailor collars, lawn dresses, and colorful feminine patterns. Never-never land! The models, scattered in groups throughout the house, sat lying in forts made of rainbow brite sheets, playing trumpets, jumping on trampolines, and sitting on the kitchen counter making s'mores. It was a perfect blend of the chic and the playful.

triple neurology pendant

This season's presentation also quite impressively unveiled her collaboration with bass: classic saddle shoes only with heels, floral patterns,  and the classic weejun loafer designed with two hearts to place pennies into (as opposed to slits). Adorbs!

I was really excited to have been a part of this presentation, and am so so so proud of Rachel!

 rachel antonoff, the lady of the morning and the maker of magic

 the stylist, miss julia frakes

jewelry used:
triple neurology pendant
brain ring
cross ring
chromosome ring
held together pendant

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