22 September 2010


through the looking glass

Growing up, I spent half my time in our Southampton home and the rest on the north shore of Long Island.

So many memories I have there-- in that Southampton home (and Southampton before it became so crazy in the summers and developed as it is now)-- and particularly with with my sister and cousins. Without cable (i.e. no nickelodeon or disney channel...) and no real VHS VCR, we resorted to the Beta tapes my grandfather had in this wooden cabinet the shape of an octagon. Throughout the years, he had taped his favorite movies off the television. 

Three of these movies were for us children: a made for tv version of alice in wonderland, ewoks: battle for endor, and disney's bedknobs and broomsticks.

In the Ewoks movie, Terak was terrifying. In fact, there is a ton in that movie that was and still is simply terrifying for a five year old to watch...

I just could never get enough of that version of Alice. Back then it was so magical. 

The below scene from Alice in Wonderland had the strong impact on me by far. I don't know why. The jabberwocky seemed so scary then...

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