29 September 2007

and she's on a blog.... yet again....

So I couldn't resist putting this up on my own blog, mainly because of the fact that I love this girl so much. If it is one thing I (as well as many others who have been graced by her presence) know, it is that Amy N Sall (who I am blessed to have as one of my sales associates) is a fashion celebrity waiting to happen. And at only 17, this could happen at any moment. Overnight, even. But let's get started with the first celebrity moment: being featured on Teen Vogue's Snapshot of the Week, and then, the American Apparel Daily Update Blog.

Though she is praised for her thoughts and views on personal style ("I wouldn't want any trends to make a comeback. Fashion should progress, not regress."), those who actually know her have grown to see that she is so much more than what she wears. In fact, she's even humble about it all! It is her personality, her sincere love and care of others, and always coming to work with a smile that makes us all at American Apparel love Amy. Her creativity is just an added perk.

1 comment:

Je suis Amy said...

I love you undeniably.
You are an Academy Award winner waiting to happen!!!
You are the best and I really appreciate this blog entry.
It's people like you who make me happy!!!