10 May 2010

Regina Spektor sings for Doctors Without Borders (again)

A little late to talk about this, but better late than never!

You may recall my post containing pictures from Regina Spektor's a concert at Irving Plaza a few months ago. All proceeds went to support Haiti through Doctors Without Borders.

At the end of April, to double her relief efforts, she released this cover of Radiohead's No Surprises. I was surprised as the song was gifted to me the day of it's release. I love Radiohead, and her take on the song is haunting and beautiful.

 Please buy the song through Regina Spektor - No Surprises - Single - No Surprises. All proceeds go back to the Doctors Without Borders Organization!

It is such a wonderful organization. When my sister graduates from BC as a nurse next summer, she wants my mom (nurse), father (doctor), and me (she said they will have me teach) all go together with the organization as her graduation gift...  Wishing it was this summer.

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