05 May 2010


arcadia, tom stoppard

I am re-reading this play for the that feels like thousandth time. For some reason, the final scene gets me every time. So many principles of math and physics woven into the actions of the play-- and as the characters attempt to define and establish order through the theories they come up with, they are time and time again overturned. It is the chaos theory. For life is nothing but chaos.  Somehow, however, within this chaos, order can be found, and seen...

Which brings us to the subject and theory of determinism.

Isn't it odd-- to think that our actions, events,  the behavior we exhibit, our decisions are all influenced by actions and events in the past? That perhaps we all have a path that is pre-determined? That even the decision to try to change our fate is part of this determined path?

What about free will?

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