11 November 2007

the possibility of another week....

Blazing yellow, burnt orange, vibrant brown....

The leaves have changed in New England. On our drive to Boston, I had to internally restrain myself from getting too much in my head... Super... So beautiful, it was.

There was this little park in Newton I saw while driving in the car, and it was sunny and clear, and there were benches and a square of grass, the leaves had changed on the trees and they lay on the ground... I wanted so bad to get out of the car and just sit on a bench and read or write.... make leaf piles and just jump in them.

When I was little I didn't even jump. I just burrowed myself into the pile head first.

My peeps, I am giving autumn one more week to come to New York in its fullest capacity. Enough of this in between bullshit.

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Je suis Amy said...

Oh MF.
You are like a little Ernest Hemmingway with your wonderful use of imagery in your entries.