30 November 2007


Autumn literally started and ended in a single week.

Just in time for trimming our Christmas tree.

Afterwards, while eating our annual dinner of my dad's stew provençal, we talked.

My grandmother told me that she saw herself standing at her bedside while sleeping a few nights ago. She stood and watched my grandmother, dressed in different clothing, sleep and then proceeded to walk out of the room.

My grandfather told me he had a dream that Cuba was liberated.

My dad posed an interesting question. Since we can travel at the speed of sound, there is the possibility that in a century we may be able to travel at the speed of light. If we travel at the speed of light, will we see darkness? My dad says yes. I say we may see light- whatever light really looks like. Might make people question their faith.

We had too many ornamants and couldn't fit them all onto our twelve foot tree. I fear the thing may topple down any second.

Some notes from several entries from this week:

You have wings but I have weight.

Fine lines, holy mouths.

Knobbed feet.

Contracting and expanding.

Giving yourself the allowance to speak.

Words that are alive inside of you but never see the light of day.

Her spine the remnants of her tail.

Chipped tiles.

Mosaic of time.

Through the iced porch of time.

Sinking retreat.

Popped consonants.

To believe that days have impact, in date, years later.


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mjohn5 said...

hi meghan. traveling at the speed of light is impossible according to all physics, but traveling close to the speed of light is technically achievable, however the human race is far more than 100 or even likely 1000 years from attaining such prowess. the effect of traveling at such a speed, as demonstrated by tests during Einstein's time, would not be so much the darkness you speak of, but technically being able to travel *forward* in time.. that's right, according to physics, time travel to the future is possible! (while time travel to the past is not). this is because space and time are related... this is actually one of my most favorite topics! (i'm a science geek)