19 July 2011

west virginia


new york has been draining
so my dad and I took a 9 hour road trip down to west virginia
perspective, adventure, and some root-tracing
highlights of the trip included:

carving my initials next to chrissy's, my dad's, and my dad's mom 
(who I never met) 
on what the family calls "the big rocks"
the laughter and fun while playing basketball with my
second cousins 
(who I had just met that day!)
tracing my genealogy to 1754 

the sky
and exploring old houses 

house exploring





What the waters wants is hurricanes
And sailboats to ride on its back
What the water wants is sun kiss
And land to run into and back

I have a fish stone burning my elbow
Reminding me to know that I'm glad
That I have a bottle filled with my own teeth
They fell out like a tear in the bag

And I have a sister somewhere in Detroit
She has black hair and small hands
And I have a kettle drum
I'll hit the earth with you

And I will crochet you a hat
And I have a red kite
I'll put you right in it
I'll show you the sky

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