23 July 2011

Lost and Found: The Wiz

Most know "The Wiz" as that musical film from the late 70's in which features Michael Jackson and Diana Ross (brilliant!). Michael Jackson plays that dancing scarecrow, and Diana Ross, a crazy good Dorothy.  And you may perhaps recall that ridiculously catchy tune "Ease On Down the Road." Regardless, I have always been a fan of the music, especially after taking part in the musical my freshman year of high school.

Sure the film was epic, but what people might not remember was the fact that the film was also a musical on Broadway. Though the majority of the songs in the play are also featured in the film, there are a few songs which differ. The one that stands out the most is definitely the song of the Scarecrow. In the film, Michael Jackson sings "You Can't Win," where as in the musical, the role of the character sings "I Was Born On the Day Before Yesterday."

The thing is, I love both songs...  but if I'd have to pick one as a favorite,  I'd actually have to go with the song in the musical!   I am a huge fan of Broadway, and especially when songs go missing from my life and resurface in some capacity. Here are some of my favorites.

1. I Was Born On The Day Before Yesterday - The Wiz
2.  Soon As I get Home - The Wiz
3. Elaborate Lives - Aida (Elton John and Tim Rice)
4. I Know the Truth - Aida (Elton John and Tim Rice)
5. Unusual Way - Nine (Maury Yeston)
6. A Call From the Vatican - Nine ( Maury Yeston)
7. If I Didn't Believe In You - The Last 5 Years (Jason Robert Brown)
8. Waiting For Life - Once On This Island
9. On the Steps of the Palace - Into the Woods (Steven Sondheim)

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