18 January 2011

only son - searchlight

I am so so so proud of my friend Jack of the band Only Son. I remember the first day I met him-- Jack spoke to me about his plan to record a second album. Since that day, he has poured his heart into writing, recording and releasing this new album, which he decided to call Searchlight (which is also the name of one of the tracks of the album). Upon listening to the album and reading the track listings, I was surprised to see quite a few of his very talented friends and fellow artists who took part in the recording: Regina Spektor, Of Montreal, Binki Shapiro of Little Joy, and members of the Strokes.  Once more, Jack's lyrics are extremely smart, and make you want to listen to them a second time. This is perhaps one of my favorite things about his music.  Finally-- having gone to plenty of his shows and hearing these songs performed live (which I love to attend as Jack and his band's sound are consistently on point), it was so magical to hear the them magically come to life even more after being layered, experimented with,  and produced in the studio!!

Along with the record, Jack worked on a series of visually cool music videos. As of now, only two have been released: Magic (above), which was directed by my new Sarah Lawrence buddy (who is too wonderful to put into words), Adria Petty, and It's a Boy (below), which was directed by Peter Sand.

This Thursday, January 20th, Only Son will be holding a concert release party at the Studio at Webster Hall. Please stop by! Opening for him will be the ever talented band The Candles, along with The Yellowbirds!

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