06 June 2007

life in the big bad city

I don't know where this blog will go... I guess i've just been inspired (and sort of convinced) by my good friend rr.

I have lived all over the state of New York my entire life...

Long Island is the part I call home (where I never have- nor ever will- feel belong)...

Westchester is where I landed myself for college (where I never let myself fit in).

And now? I've managed to find myself (like there was a choice?) in what some call one of the most wonderful cities in the world.

Yes, New York.

The place where the sidewalks reek of garbage or hot dog vendors.... Where there are lots of yellow taxicabs that whenever needed are all full.. Where you can't walk down a street without being mentally undressed by the eyes of construction workers... Where construction starts at 8am (even in your own apartment building)... The place where apartments are way too expensive and the living cost in general, absurd. The city where there are times when you have to dodge more than a handful of people just walking on the sidewalk to work. The city where people are racing to get to the top, yearning to be seen (and ultimately, of course, famous) without thinking of others on their way.

Quick Facts:

  • New York has a population of 8.2 million people in a mere 322 square miles.
  • New York has an occupancy rate of 97% (which leaves 3% of apartments and townhouses unoccupied, which makes it impossible to move).

You are never alone in Manhattan. Walking down any street, you are with company. Sitting in a Starbucks, your are with company. On the subway. On the bus. At a museum. The moment you step out of your apartment building, you are with company. Everything is so accessible here, and you are always with company.

But how can a city full of people be, at the same time, so extremely lonely?

Welcome to my world.

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