12 June 2007

a few of my favorite things....

Just a few of my past and present favorites for summer.

K-Jacques Saint-Tropez
- Wonderful Parisean sandals in natural leather, brilliant colors (well the primary ones and the new neon colors at least- which are the only two groups of colors that matter to me) and metallics as well. I Get at least two pairs of every summer season- one natural leather and one color. They wear in amazingly, and never leave my feet. My personal favorite styles are the Agopos (I own the natural leather color), and the Homere (I have them in natural and one in the painted red).

F-Troupe Shoes
- Try to get your hands on a pair of these babies! Great independent shoe designer sold in select boutiques around the United States. I believe it is based out of London. I am dying for a pair. I mean, how cute are these?

Tazo Iced Teas - On my daily Starbucks runs during the sumer, I ditch the coffee. Instead, I go for the shaken iced tea (unsweetened of course). It comes in amazing flavors- my favorite being the Zen (blend of green teas). But what is even better is that you can buy the iced tea bags online and make a batch yourself! The Black Tropic tea isn't available to order at Starbucks, but it is super yummy too!

Mark and Estel - Amazing lightweigh shirts and dresses for summer. I could never express just how much I love these two designers (I met them back in the day). Their shirts changed my life. My favorite is the finished rounded v-neck shirt.

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Anonymous said...

oh wow those Agapos shoes are pretty cute!
too bad summer is almost over :(...