15 December 2011

Inspiration: vintage book covers

My walls, for the most part, are bare. Thus, I've lately been on a crazy search to find prints and other types of things that inspire me.

And so, I began my search with books. The past month I have posted some vintage book pages that have caught my eye... however, looking through antique book pages on various sites, I found myself at times more drawn to the cover art from the 1940's/1950's.

There have been a handful of artists and designers over the past several years that have drawn inspiration from cover art- designers like the extremely talented Olympia Le Tan who designs handmade needlepoint clutches in the shapes of books, and Rebekah Miles, the artist who re-paints her favorite cover art (and also used for the Rodarte's merchandise for the first Fashion's Night Out at Opening Ceremony in 2008) and makes them into her own book jackets.

Finding a cool way to re-frame book would be really interesting. I would feel heartless to tear apart a book just for its cover. A little glass showcase/curio with a wooden frame might be cool to create.

Here are some of my own finds:

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