23 August 2011

quake 2011

Okay so I know that everyone is poking fun at this earthquake situation.

But being on the 26th floor
I hope NOBODY ever experiences an earthquake on the 26th floor.
I felt the tremor and then began to feel my entire building physically sway for a good minute and a half.
And the first thing I thought about was ten years ago.

and I am GLAD that everyone is safe and nothing terrible happened.

I stayed downstairs, outside sitting on a bench using free wireless for the rest of the day, and reading. 

So I heard a lot of people's reactions. And yes, I can't help but find a lot of them really really funny.

I'll leave you with this:

Kid, walking down Greenwich Street with his mom. Blonde. Glasses. Skinny. About six. Funny kid.

He said, matter-of-factly, to his mom:

"There was just an earthquake."


"There was just an earthquake."

(pause again)

 "And I cried my face off."

funny stuff.

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