21 October 2010

it's really all about family and art and nature

they were so happy, I want to be happy like this

my dad is taking me away from new york and all of this hectic craziness to yosemite next friday morning, all the way through to the wednesday following that.

st barths, 1983

my dad was a medic in the vietnam war

we all have hardships but we move foward, revolve, evolve...

my mom was so beautiful 

tell me, why do we forget about people's pasts so easily?
why are they so readily discounted
and not considered?

no empathy, I suppose

our pasts are valid,
they are very much a reflection of who we are in the present
regardless of any drastic changes we may have experienced
or any hardships we may have  fought our way through
over the years

I think the majority of my, our-- generation is at a loss
we can't accept who we once were
we want to be better
we were taught to want to be better
and in doing so
lose ourselves
while trying so hard to be something we are not

"lost in the cool"

I ask my emerging adult mind
to never forget where I have come from
what I have experienced
what I have seen
what I have been taught
and to be thankful
for all opportunity I have been given.

for my family
for my friends
for the people I have met in recent months

for everything I have done
and for everything I have yet to do

let me be.

body, catch up with the stop-motion.

let me be.

so much will come

the rest will follow.


N said...

hi meghan!! i love this post. your parents are beautiful. and you are going to LOVE yosemite. have you been? climb half-dome! and the redwoods... oh california, how i love the redwoods! the air is so clean and crisp and delicious. you will tell me how you like it.



eugenie dalland said...

your mama is gorgeous! - you look just like her : )