10 June 2010

baby birds and NY Cares

I apologize in advance for anyone who may think that this is animal un-friendly...

But I went back to Long Island before I begin work again on Monday,
and my dad pointed out that there were birds who made a nest in one of his orchid pots in the greenhouse.

He's been watching them for months.

Nosy me tried to capture them, as they literally just hatched today. This is dedicated to Terrill, who made me scream like
this many a times in backstock.

Also, I just took the time to sign up for my orientation for New York Cares-- which is an organization which has an online database of community service projects going on in the New York City area. You search by your skills and availability, and the site gives you a list of projects that match that criteria.

It's really great if you have a busy schedule and can't commit to something on a weekly basis. I can't wait to start. If you live in the area, please sign up!


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