02 April 2010

roma roma roma

I threw in three.

trevi fountain, rome, italy

day 1
wednesday, march 31, 2010
the plane:
my heart ached as I watched an education for a second time
read some of please kill me
fell asleep
woke up

dropped our stuff off at the excelsior
walked to eat a light lunch around the corner
walked to the spanish steps, and then onto the trevi, where we had our reunion with little farrell
walked and walked and walked, had a quaint yummy dinner 
I pass out as soon as my head hits the pillow

day 2
thursday, april 1, 2010

my parents and sister spend the day at the vatican and sistine chapel
I decide I need the day to myself alone
so I listen to everything from Nirvana to The Kinks to Tom Petty and just watch every detail as the city moves around me
meet up with my parents and sister, have a killer dinner of buff mozz, grilled white fish and artichoke hearts
I pass out as soon as my head hits the pillow


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