28 March 2010


Every now and then I get really nostalgic for my days of theekdom.

theek = theatre + geek

Broadway is dying! I love me my musicals.

MUSICALS (contemporary)

1. The Last Five Years (Jason Robert Brown)

Perhaps one of the best musicals written, in my opinion... no words... just songs.  Telling the story of a five year marriage, he tells the story from beginning to the end, and she, from the end to the beginning. The two lovers cross paths only once (in the middle of the musical)...

Jason Robert Brown just might be one of the most skilled broadway composers and pianists of the past ten years. His devotion to the craft is beyond.  Of the three performances I saw, he accompanied the show on piano in all.

2. Aida (Elton John and Tim Rice)

Elton John collaborates with a genius on a musical that tells an ancient story widely known as just an opera- what else needs to be said? And add three powerhouse leads? Magic.


3. The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
What happens when adults play children.... I applaud actors "that can sing."

I had the chance to see my friend Deborah Craig (from when I worked on Six Degrees) perform with the original cast. Brilliant. Sadly, we lost touch... but what I would have done to play either her character or Olive Ostrovsky.

4. Spring Awakening (Duncan Shiek)

I remember when I was helping out at Sh-K-Boom records back in the day and this was "in the works." 

5. Wicked

Idina Menzel is god, and this whole musical was magical. Make it a movie, already!

6. Rent (Jonathan Larson)

PLAYS (read these and you will be amazed)

1. Scenes from an Execution , by Charles Barker

2. Metamorphoses , by Mary Zimmerman

3. Kindertransport , by Diane Samuels


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