03 February 2010

my sister's in rome

A little over a week ago, my youngest sister left the brutally cold city of New York and did a little hop over pond we call the Atlantic to study in Rome.   A nursing major at Boston College, Chrissy loves being control and also knowing what is going to happen... she's the girl who told me her New Year's resolution is to "be more spontaneous." Clearly, we are opposites.

I'm very proud of her. She's taking a break from the nursing to study photography, Italian (obviously), among other things that have NOTHING TO DO WITH SCIENCE! Not that I'm against science... but I don't know... You need a good balance, I guess.

The thing is, in the Farrell family, being raised by Farrells means you are definitely less prone to be spontaneous... The only way to break through that little period is to break from the familiar and familial ties.

At her age I did not go abroad for a whole semester. Now, I yearn to live somewhere else if just for a month. My living alone definitely loosened me up a bit.

Anyways, my life is complete. She has started a blog called I Speak Fluent Cappuccino... and is going to start writing about her "spontaneous adventures" around Europe. I can live vicariously through her entries during my hard working days at my two jobs now. Glory glory hallelujah.

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